5 fantastici HD wallpaper con texture legno

Ho selezionato alcuni tra i migliori desktop che ho trovato in rete realizzati con texture legno. Tutti rigorosamente in alta definizione, ideale per chi di voi ha un monitor wide da 21 pollici in su…ma anche no 😀

I sfondi sono tutti minimalisti, dallo stile semplice che non interferisce con le icone. Sono il top quindi per un desktop pulito e funzionale.

Clicca il wallpaper per accedere al file e scegli il formato che preferisci:

Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 3

Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper 5

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  • Mia

    Really digg these Wallpapers Stefano . I have a set Im hosting on my DZiGN JUNKiE blog , theyre cool too. Your template is very similar to the WP Rich theme . I loved that Theme. BTW: What type of font face have you used for your Logo ? I love the way it’s done . I see youre a Mac user as well ? I need to change my internal HD & upgrade my memory ; I have a MacBook Pro 17″ , but I’m pretty much stuck on what to get -any suggestions ? 🙂

    Take care , will catch you in cyberspace – sorry I havent had time to thank you for the follow , Im just a ‘ geek ‘ caught up trying to study & figure out codes all day 🙂 but I will def do that right now in fact . Thanks again C U .

  • Hi Mia! Glad you like those wallpapers 🙂 I took a look to your blog too, great job! I like that theme, it’s one of the best for personal portfolio…infact i nominated it on this list http://digitalart.splesh.net/grafica/7-ottimi-temi-portfolio-per-wordpress/

    For the logo of DigitalArt i used 3 fonts: one for “Splesh!” one for “Digital” one for “Art” and they are in order: ZeroGene, Evolution and Jellyka. Looks like Splesh! logo likes to people…should i make my first Photoshop tutorial about it?

    About your MacPro…honestly i’m a mac user, but one of the reason why i prefeare Macs to PC it’s also cause i don’t have to care about the hardware… :S i don’t know how to help you about it 😛 sorry!

  • Mia

    Thank you Stefano , yeah I love the Logo , you did a great job on that – Stefano , check your links to the Wallpapers , I wanted to display your work on my DeZiGN Geek Blog , but it seems your links are broken , so have a look at that & I will check back & host them giving you the linkback here .
    Be well S.


  • Hey Mia…i checked but looks like everything is fine…are you sure about that?

  • Mia

    woooaaah ! that is so weird !! I checked these links 4 times and they redirected to a 404 page – now I just checked again and the links work 🙁 wtf ? am I in the Twilight Cyberzone ? okeyyy – Hey Stefano , since youre going to be putting up stuff for download , why dont you get your own upload host – you can store LOAdS of files on this site ( thats where I host all my files ) and the best part is : you can even get your own widget ( its white ! and looks really nice too & is like a slideshow ) which will display all your work/ downloads , which you can place on your sidebar ——>>
    Check this site out & sign up for an account Box Net. Then all a user has to do is just click on the download /image of choice & bingo – direct download . Try it , you ‘ll like it , I promise 🙂


  • Thanks Mia, i knew Box.net but i prefeare to use Dropbox (check http://www.getdropbox.net) 🙂